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Little darlin’ ... There goes the sun: August's total solar eclipse

  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • 6:00 PM
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The last time a total eclipse of the sun crossed the entire U.S. and turned day to night was 99 years ago. Soon, on August 21, the rare event repeats. The shadow of the moon will completely block our view of the sun’s disk along a path 60 to 70 miles wide, arcing thousands of miles from Oregon to South Carolina. (Everyone – including Bay Area viewers – not in the narrow band of full eclipse will see a partial solar eclipse.)

On June 21 – the summer solstice -- we will learn the hows and whys of the total solar eclipse, one of nature’s most spectacular sights. Popular Bay Area astronomy educator and explainer of all things astronomical, Andrew Fraknoi, will be the featured speaker at our early summer dinner meeting in San Francisco.

In an illustrated, non-technical talk, he will share some fascinating history of discoveries made during eclipses, and describe citizen-science projects planned for the 2017 eclipse. We’ll learn how eclipses work and how to observe them safely. Fraknoi is co-leader of a project to distribute two million eclipse glasses – and eclipse factoids – through public libraries in the U.S.

Everyone attending this talk will receive a free pair of “certified safe” eclipse viewing glasses courtesy of Google. Join us!

Andrew Fraknoi is the chair of astronomy at Foothill College and the former executive director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He has shed light on many an astronomical phenomenon for thousands of students and teachers, and hundreds of news reporters facing deadlines with uncertainty. This year, he has been training teachers and librarians to act as guides for the public as the August eclipse approaches.  He is the co-author of Solar Science, a guide for teachers, and also of a new children’s book about eclipses. The International Astronomical Union has named Asteroid 4859 Asteroid Fraknoi in honor of his contributions to public understanding of science.

When: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Where: ThirstyBear Brewing Company661 Howard St, San Francisco. The restaurant is a convenient walk from the Montgomery St. BART station.

Dinner: The menu at ThirstyBear presents a contemporary and seasonal approach to traditional Spanish tapas. The restaurant is also the first and only brewery in San Francisco to brew certified organic beer and become a certified Green Business.

Vegetarian deviled eggs
Patatas bravas
Pan Roasted broccolini
Empanadas with corn, spinach & goat cheese
Shrimp sautéed w/garlic, parsley, white wine & paprika
Beef and pork meatballs

COST: $28 members / $20 students / $44 nonmembers (there is a limit of 58 attendees). The deadline for sign-ups is June 19.

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